Benefit Three: 10 Year Warranty !

Each of our craftsmanship in style – sign, plaque, coat of arms, table, … – is entirely made with artisan processes, from forging on metal (made manually as 100 years ago, without the use of molds and molds) to the decoration (made in hand with mixed technique, but without the use of Digital Printing that would speed up production, lowering the costs, but it would diminish the aesthetic quality and above all the durability!).

Also for this, each of our craftsmanship is certified and commercially guaranteed 10 years: 1 of law + 9 extra extension to guarantee the certified quality!

Technically our signs are made to last a lot, but much longer!

Our coats of arms are entirely handcrafted without the use of digital printing and for this they are the only ones to be guaranteed for 10 years!