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Academy of Vintage Signs

for over 35 years we are …

… “Open site” for the historical-documentary research, for its promotion and dissemination and for the technical, iconographic and semiological study of traditional and historical forms of visual communication, also as a cultural working base for the development of coherent solutions, original designs and productions – entirely handcrafted – of artifacts of artistic value, aimed at qualitative and functional redevelopment of visual communication of furniture, in harmony, respect and enhancement of the context in which it insists, with particular interest for urban furnishings in particular areas historical, architectural, urban and environmental value, such as the villages and historical centers of our regions.

Passion and Culture for the signs that make “Age”: the Italian Artisan Factory of Artistic Signs in Antique Style for Advertising, Institutional & Commercial Communication, Furnishings, Collectibles, Heraldry, …

Design and Production of “Made-to-measure” Handcrafted Products: Signs, Plaques, Coats of Arms, Signage, … handcrafted in Antique Style, forged on metal (Aluminum) and enamelled with a slight relief, with high technical quality, aesthetics and communication characteristics.

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100% Artisan Quality! – The choice of the market is our Quality Certification.

Benefit One: Aesthetic Quality !

Our handmade artifacts – enamelled with a slightly raised ceramic effect – are appreciated for their evocative aesthetic excellence … able to harmonize, bringing elegance of furniture, with any urban and environmental context …

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Benefit Two: Technical Quality !

Our handmade products are forged on aluminum sheets (to guarantee strength, lightness, ease of installation and not rust corrosion) and then, once formed, to be treated and lacquered in the oven, decorated by hand with mixed technique – No Print Digital! – and lightly enamelled with 4 coats of oven-catalyzed acrylic enamel (to guarantee lasting brilliance).

Our innovative handmade workmanships in Stile Antico represent the elegant, original, exclusive and distinctive solution in the standardized panorama of external communication, but at the same time significantly competitive on the market offering the best quality / price ratio.

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Benefit Three: 10 Year Warranty !

Each of our craftsmanship in style – sign, plaque, coat of arms, table, … – is entirely made with artisan processes, from forging on metal (made manually as 100 years ago, without the use of molds and molds) to the decoration (made in hand with mixed technique, but without the use of Digital Printing that would speed up production, lowering the costs, but it would diminish the aesthetic quality and above all the durability!).

Also for this, each of our craftsmanship is certified and commercially guaranteed 10 years: 1 of law + 9 extra extension to guarantee the certified quality!

Technically our signs are made to last a lot, but much longer!

Our coats of arms are entirely handcrafted without the use of digital printing and for this they are the only ones to be guaranteed for 10 years!


We can offer you support and advice to create a single Targa like a Project organized for a prestigious Location !

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Design & Factor

The Old Style Insignia Academy can create customized and customized items for you to:

Institutional and Commercial Signs:

  • Above-Showcase
  • Wall
  • at Flag
  • with Pali
  • Cantonal
  • Title Blocks
    … any subject, even personalized, in any shape and size even for a single specimen …
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Old Style Signs

Emblems of Institutional, Religious, Sports, Heraldic, Commercial, Crest, …

  • Municipal Emblem
  • Embraced Emblems
  • Military emblems
  • School Emblems
  • State crests
  • Historical coats of arms
  • Nobiliary coats of arms
  • Family Coats of Arms
  • Papal coat of arms
  • Stems of Cardinals
  • Bishop’s coats of arms
  • Ecclesiastical coats of arms
  • Team Badges
  • Coats of arms and motorcycles
    … any subject, even personalized, in any shape and size even for a single specimen …
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Coat of Arms

Vintage plates for furniture and interior design:

  • Ancient Reklame
  • Famous Brands
  • Old Tables
  • Typical plates
    … any subject, even personalized, in any shape and size even for a single specimen …
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Vintage Plates

Visual Communication in Urban and Environmental Furnishings in Antique Style to achieve:

Toponymy & Signage